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It’s my pleasure to introduce MightyPixel, a collaboration between Larry Contratti, Dave Gedney, and Jack Eddy. We’re three television veterans who formed our own video production company because we want to bring the client experience to the next level.

Our vision for MightyPixel is different than most production companies. We see ourselves not as contractors, but as part of your team. As an extension of your company, it’s essential we have shared values. Our vision is to take your brand’s message and take it on as our own, spreading it far and wide. That means we only want to work with the best.

We feel that, along with stunning visuals and slick storytelling, audience knowledge is the key element to making truly great, long-lasting video. To have a meaningful conversation with your audience demands a deep understanding of your brand and a creative take on the images and messages that resonate with them.

I encourage you to browse mightypixel.net to find out what we’re all about. You’re going to find videos based on exploration and discovery, advocacy and change, and plenty of fun and adventure.

We are MightyPixel. We’re in Washington DC, New York, and the West Coast. And we’re looking forward to working with you.

-Larry Contratti












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